Artificial Insemination

The Phema Pig Project is a project that is aimed at improving the breeds quality for Pig farmers in Tanzania. We use Artificial Insemination is an important tool used to introduce superior genes into sow herds, with a minimal risk of disease.

Tanzania has over 2 million pigs being distributed around Tanzania with less than 4% qualified as to have quality genetic potential. 82% owned by smallholder farmers. Pig production is expected to grow from 22,005 to 37,191 tones between 2017 and 2022.

The Phema Pig Project is the first project in Tanzania to introduce an innovative approach towards improving farmers access to quality breeds thus reducing their cost of production while increasing the quality of meat being produced in the country

The project aims to develop various AI Centers (mini labs) across the country. We are currently located in Dar es Salaam, Pwani, Kilimanjaro and Morogoro.

The project launched in 2019 and we have currently successfully serviced over 300 pigs across the country.