Our Impact

How we measure impact

Empowering small holder farmers is our priority and our own way of contributing to increasing domestic food production and food security in Africa. "Impact" is the moral compass Phema Agri follows. In everything that we do, we aim to create a positive sustainable impact to all the value chains and value chains stakeholders we work/partner with, all the while facilitating providing investment opportunities for Tanzanians to thrive on. This is how we know we are heading in the right direction.

By providing a digital and physical infrastructure for agriculture value chain integration all the way from linking farmers to markets, input providers, insurance products to also facilitating their financing via the crowdfunding platform. We acknowledge the food security challenge our nation and Africa, as a whole, faces and we are prepared to tackle it head on, One farmer at a time!! Our goal is to enable everyone to play a part/participate in the global food security and impact 1,000,000 farmers around East Africa
Sustainable Farming Promotion
Promoting Food Security
Crafting Job Opportunities
Empowering Farmers
Promising returns On Investment
Post harvest loss

Farmers Story

Thank you Phema Agri team for helping me find a market for my products.
Reginald Faraay

Investor Story

Phema Agri is a great tech driven agribusiness financial platform, I’m proud to have it in my investment portfolio because of their innovative ways to deliver much needed capital to farmers and likewise profits to the investors. They have very great detailed reports that are routinely/timely disbursed to all investors, making it easy to track and follow-up on all progress of your investment at the comfort of your mobile device. Investments is made easy there forth and through such system so farmers are empowered and this in turn increases job and food security in the country which is a very essential part of development. Therefore, investing with Phema Agri is investing in development. Cheers!"
Sangija Said