We are committed to helping small holder farmers access finance by structuring various financial instruments to facilitate their working capital needs. Our farmers get access to capital through inputs using our financing product.


We are focused on helping farmers and low income earners create and protect their wealth and their farm products. Via our partnerships with insurance companies we help small holder farmers de-risk their farming operations with access to all weather agriculture insurance products.

Market Linkages

Our farmers gain access to superior markets to sell goods via offtake contracts at pre-negotiated at premium prices.

Input Service Delivery

We partner with credible input providers to supply our farmers with the best input services (e.g. breed, feed, fertilizers, pesticides and machinery) to help increase the farmers yield.

Technology / Data

We improve farmers outcomes and decisions by expanding farmers capacity to make the right decision outcomes through efficient analysis of agriculture data. Our platform provides users with major benefits that influence farming decisions.