Poultry Value Chain

We launched the Poultry value chain in 2020, We started by structuring the poultry farmers who have 500 chicks and above



Chicken produced in 2018



Broiler Chicken in 2018



Demanded Broiler Chicken

Commercial poultry is largely made up of small-to medium-scale producers who own between 200 and 2000 birds and provide housing, balanced feed and veterinary care (FAO SHFS, 2015). This includes breeder farms, hatcheries, poultry farms (layers and broiler farms), traders and processors (SAPA, 2015). Although there is significant improvement in poultry farming, the increased number of commercial farmers and the improvements made on the availability of inputs for poultry farming there is still room for growth and improvement in the poultry production in Tanzania. A few private sector businesses have established large-scale poultry production units mostly for the urban markets. These include NAPOCO (Arusha), Mkuza Chicks Ltd (Kibaha), Kenchick, Interchick, Nzua General Enterprises, AKM Glitters Company Limited (Dar es Salaam) and Twiga feeds.

Constraints of Poultry Value Chain